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modern medicine believes that men will have a lack of ketone after 40 years old, and the androgens secreted by the testes and adrenal glands will gradually decrease. At this time, they will experience physical fatigue, lack of concentration, body aches, irritability, and low sexual function.  ED (male erectile dysfunction) is also a common problem in urology.  Just as women enter menopause, men also have this stage.  Hormones constrain male reproductive, urinary, bone, muscle, hematopoiesis and cardiovascular health.  However, too high hormones also have risks, including body acne, seborrheic hair loss and so on.  Caring for men’s health, saying goodbye to having more than one heart but not enough energy, every day is as beautiful as seven things.  【My Energy Plus】100% comes from all-natural plants, which helps balance physiological functions, promote blood circulation, and shape young cells.

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