Tri-Mu Product Code : Tri-Mu   Tri-Mu contains a large amount of natural insoluble and soluble fiber. The main function of insoluble fiber is to capture excess oil in food. Insoluble fiber is not absorbed by the body through cell membranes, but stays in the intestines to grab the oil in food and is excreted together.   Main Ingredient Raspberry Ketones, African Mango Extract (Wild Mango Seed Extract), Green Tea Extract, Apple Cider Vinegar (Powder), Kelp, Grape Seed Extract   Package 60 capsules     Effect Helps break down excess fat in food and maintain healthy fat levelsPromote digestion and make excretion smootherA variety of plant extracts to promote fat burningReduce the chance of water accumulation and constipationHelps bile break down fat in food and reduces the chance of gallstones     
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Super Probitic
Super Probiotic  Product Code : Super Probiotic  Super 10 beneficial bacteria can introduce more beneficial bacteria into the human body system to maintain intestinal balance; each capsule contains 6 types of Lactobacillus and 4 types of Bifidobacterium, each strain has its own uniqueness; each capsule contains 25 billion CFU, It can reduce the decrease in the number of probiotics in a strong acid environment. Although not all of them may reach the intestinal tract through the stomach, it is still enough to be effective.Main Ingredient 6 species of Lactobacillus and 4 species of Bifidobacterium   Package 60 capsules   Effcet 25 billion x 10 kinds of probiotics, timed banana poopAdd prebiotics to maintain intestinal microecologyImprove intestinal immunity and reduce the risk of infectionSoothes intestinal sensitivity and improves diarrhea, defecation and enteritisStrengthen intestinal peristalsis
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Functional Food Products
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