Health informtion


 Many toxins in today's environment did not exist 30 years ago, including certain pesticides, herbicides and industrial chemicals. They can enter the human body through food, water and air, and are trapped in our tissues and organs.  Over time, these substances will have a negative impact on our health, reduce vitality, and eventually lead to the development of diseases such as obesity, work-type diabetes, metabolic syndrome, cancer, infertility, allergies, Parkinson's disease and  Alonezheimer’s disease, etc., an easy-to-follow, safe, and effective detoxification plan can support the body’s natural rain phase detoxification process, safely and effectively remove toxins from the body, and through 14 days of comprehensive detoxification, it can increase energy and  Rejuvenate, reduce weight and body fat, make skin and hair healthier, get a restful sleep, and improve long-term health habits.  It is recommended that everyone have a full body cleanup every quarter.


共用圖片/檔案 - 14 days