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There is no Santa Claus in the world, all gifts and surprises are carefully selected by loved ones.  When the epidemic broke out again, while doing self-protection, we need to pay more attention to the immune health of ourselves and our family members.


 It is scientifically verified that during a virus outbreak, vitamin C can effectively prevent infection and relieve symptoms.  At the same time, vitamin C, as a conventional adjuvant therapy for various acute and chronic diseases, can greatly enhance the body's resistance.  Vitamin C is one of the most important and necessary nutrients for the body to maintain a good immune defense ability.


 [Super Citrus C] each capsule contains 1000 mg of VC, a high-efficiency formula. It is vitamin C from the United States Pharmacopoeia. The products have undergone triple quality testing to ensure that they meet or exceed all qualitative and quantitative specifications.  With anti-inflammatory properties, it can enhance immunity, fight disease invasion, repair skin tissue, prevent blood clots from forming in blood vessels and reduce the risk of infection with other degenerative diseases.

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