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While the most common location associated with beneficial microbes is the gut, primarily the large intestine, there are several other places in the body that can host beneficial microbes: the gut, mouth, vagina, urinary tract, skin, lungs.  Probiotics keep you healthy by supporting your immune function and controlling inflammation.  Certain types of probiotics can also:
 · Helps the body digest food
 Prevent the excessive proliferation of harmful bacteria
 · Produces vitamins such as B12
 Helps support intestinal wall cell growth and prevent harmful bacteria from entering the bloodstream
 Break down and absorb the drug

 Eating a balanced diet rich in fiber and the right supplements every day can help keep the population of beneficial bacteria at the right level.


 【MY VIZ PLUS】contains mixed berries and beetroot, which can stimulate the growth of beneficial flora without stimulating potentially pathogenic or putrefying harmful bacteria, which have been proven to be beneficial to health and have good safety  .


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